wangmd Wang, May D., Ph.D.
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
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Graduate Students

Bao, Han

M.S. Student, Computer Science

Ben Tamo, Junior

PhD student in Machine Learning

Garikipati, Shashank

M.S. Student, Robotics

Shashank is a first year MS of Robotics Student with focuses in AI and computer vision. Shashank is working on developing a self-supervised learning pipeline to process Whole Slide Images. Prior to coming to Georgia Tech, Shashank worked in the domain of autonomous vehicles to simulate planning, controls, and LiDAR data at Penn State University.

Geetha Nagaraj, Koushik Karan

M.S. Student, Robotics

Koushik Karan Geetha Nagaraj is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Robotics from Georgia Tech. He is developing a novel imaging informatics method to handle histopathological images by implementing a self-supervised learning pipeline and preprocessing the “Big Data” in the form of Whole-Slide Images (WSI) by extracting arbitrary segments.

Giuste, Felipe

M.D.- Ph.D. Student, Biomedical Engineering

Gloster, Logan

M.S. Student, Bioinformatics

Hornback, Andrew

Ph.D. Student, Computational Science and Engineering

Isgut, Monica

Ph.D. Student, Bioinformatics

Jiang, Xinyu

M.S. Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mahale, Aishwarya

M.S. Student, Bioinformatics

Manjunath, Deeksha

M.S. Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

I am currently a graduate student at Georgia Tech majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. My interest includes digital signal processing and digital image processing. I further extend my curiosity towards machine learning and deep learning.

Marteau, Benoit

Ph.D. Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mohanavel, Adithya

M.S. Student, Robotics

Adithya is currently researching on “Cognitive AI” where he works on the deep learning domain for testing novel AI algorithms in the digital twin. Previously, he worked on several other AI and IoT projects, including two patents ‘Artificial Intelligent Multi-Tasking AGBOT’ and ‘Mind Controlled Robot’.

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Nnamdi, Micky

Ph.D. Student, Electrical & Computer Engineering

My research interests include bioinformatics, machine learning, and signal & image analysis with broad applications in clinical decision support.

Rajasekar, Shreya

M.S. Student, Bioinformatics

Master’s student pursuing Bioinformatics, eager to contribute and learn in the MIB Lab.

Shi, Wenqi

Ph.D. Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Singh, Amritpal

M.S. Student, Computer Science

Amritpal earned his bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from Maulana Azad medical college(India). Currently working on his Master’s degree, he is conducting research pertaining to multimodality models and out-of-distribution generalization.

wu_hWu, Hang

Ph.D. Student, Machine Learning (Home Dept. BME)

Before joining Georgia Tech, I graduated with a bachelor degree in Engineering from Department of Automation, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. My research focus is on causal/counterfactual inference and its applications in health informatics. I’ve also worked on projects on biomedical imaging and public health.

Zhong, Yishan

Ph.D. Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Zhu, Yuanda
Ph.D. Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

I am working on applying deep learning techniques on medical image processing and data-driven health informatics. For medical imaging, my research interest is weakly-supervised learning on whole-slide images. For health informatics, I prefer to topic on exploring the causal inference between diagnosis codes and non-diagnosis information (such as demographic, healthcare plan and payment) on the mortality consideration.

Zhu, Yueming

M.S. Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Before joining Georgia Tech, I graduated with a bachelor degree in Engineering from Department of Automation, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China. I am working on medical image processing and solving the label-efficient problem in this realm

Undergraduate Students

Ashley, Joseph

B.S. Student, Biomedical Engineering

I am an undergraduate student in the school of biomedical engineering also pursuing a minor in computing and intelligence. My research focus is in time series analysis under mentor Benoit Marteau. I am currently working on a collaborative, traumatic brain injury (TBI) focused project with Dr. Laplaca’s Translational Neurotrauma Laboratory.

Hachad, Tarek

B.S. Student, Biomedical Engineering

Hello, my name is Tarek Hachad and I am a 4th year (Senior) undergraduate Biomedical Engineering student. I am originally from Rabat, Morocco, where I was born and I lived until the end of high school. Working at MIBLab is an amazing experience that I would recommend to any student interested in any medical informatics field.

He, Lawrence

B.S. Student, Biomedical Engineering

Jain, Neha

B.S. Student, Computer Science

I am an undergraduate Computer Science major at Georgia Tech. My research interests are in deep learning, bioinformatics, and disease prediction.

Lais, Peter

B.S. Student, Biomedical Engineering

Patel, Kishan

B.S. Student, Biomedical Engineering

My name is Kishan Patel, I am at a Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Student in my final year. I am interested in ML especially in the scope of the medical field. I am currently working in the scope of preclinical TBI research.

Sequeira, Ryan

B.S. Student, Computer Science

Tang, Lingzi

B.S. Student, Biomedical Engineering

My name is Lingzi Tang, and I’m a BME undergraduate with pre-health track.

Vaghani, Yog S.

B.S. Student, Biomedical Engineering

I am a senior undergraduate student currently studying biomedical engineering. I am working on x-ray image involved with COVID-19 and with exploring points of interest in children with TBI. For personal interest I enjoy reading and photography. I am reading the DUNE trilogy and The Wheel of Time series.

Vyshnya, Sofiya

B.S. Student, Biomedical Engineering

My research focus is on data-driven health informatics and precision medicine. I am working on applying machine learning techniques to optimize cardiovascular disease risk screening approaches and improve patient health.

Former Members

Research Staff:

  • Sonal Kothari
  • Richard Moffitt
  • R. Mitchell Parry
  • Todd Stokes


  • Yuyan Cai
  • Danni Chen
  • Katherine Choi
  • Yujin Choi
  • Rachel Epperson
  • Chuyao (Daniel) Feng
  • Mitali Gupte
  • Shelby Hassberger
  • Elena Hubbard
  • Vikranth Keerthipati
  • Kevin Kells
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  • Renaid Kim
  • Changdae Lee
  • Sameer Mishra
  • Tarun Naren
  • Mohammed Saqib
  • Sanaiya Sarkari
  • Jimin Sun
  • Aniketh Swain
  • Zitian Tang
  • Chiche Tsai
  • Adeola Williams
  • Sara Zack

Graduate Students:

  • Sami Belhareth
  • Anirudh Choudhary
  • Raghu Chandramohan
  • Qaiser Chaudry
  • Zhimin Han
  • Hamid Hassanzadeh
  • Ryan Hoffman
  • Sumit Joshi
  • Chanchala Kaddi
  • Koon-Yin Kong
  • Je-Hoon Michael Oh
  • Chang-Feng Quo
  • Jiacheng (JC) Ren
  • Li Tong
  • Janani Venugopalan
  • Leo Wu
  • Qihang Yao
  • Ying Sha
  • Hanshuo Zhang